Yuri Super Weapons

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This page lists all Yuri super weapons.
NB. If a super weapon has a "Missing" cameo, it has not yet been fully created in the mod, therefore all details given are provisional.

Genetic Mutator

The Genetic Mutator can mutate any infantry within a targeted 3x3 radius into a controllable Brute. However, some civilian rebels have got hold of early prototypes of this technology, and have developed it into their own weaponry. This rebel version is unstable, and has undesired side effects.
Required Structure: Genetic Mutator / Tech Genetics Hub.
Recharge Time: 7:00.

Psychic Dominator

The Psychic Dominator is capable of permanently mind controlling any units within its target radius, and causes excessive damage to nearby structures. Civilian rebels have also got their hands on rudimentary versions of this technology, though their version is inherently flawed, and cannot attain remotely the same power as the Dominator.
Required Structure: Psychic Dominator / Tech Psychic Antenna.
Recharge Time: 10:00.

Force Shield

The Force Shield can help defend your base against an incoming super weapon strike, however locks down your base's power to do so. The Force Shield system has been upgraded with an automatic locator module now, and when activated will automatically fire itself at the most suitable location, reducing time wasted selecting a target area.
Required Structure: Tech Centre.
Recharge Time: 5:00.

Repair Wave

When the Atlantic Legion Service Depot is given the Repair Wave upgrade, you will be able to use this power. It will repair vehicular units within a 3x3 radius of the target area.
Required Structure: Service Depot, Repair Wave Upgrade.
Recharge Time: 3:00.


This power is capable of converting any targeted enemy infantry unit into usable components, granting the player a small cash bonus..
Required Structure: Gene Plant, Assimilation Upgrade.
Required Legion: Indian.
Recharge Time: 3:00.


This power is capable of cloaking one targeted friendly unit for about a minute.
Required Structure: Tech Centre, Skyrytnost Upgrade.
Required Legion: Arctic.
Recharge Time: 4:00.