About the Mod

Last updated on October 2nd, 2010

In the beginning, back in the early part of the 2000s, this mod was nothing more than a mere joke of mine that turned Yuri into a sci-fi based side. Eventually, the mod evolved along with an actual story. Of course, at this time Red Alert 3 did not exist, and was not looking likely in the immediate future, so I thought I'd have a go at making my own sequel to Yuri's Revenge. But, now RA3 (unfortunately) exists, so we'll conveniently overlook its presence for the sake of the mod's storyline. If EA can do things similar to that, so can I.

In 2005, hosting came about for the mod here on the Guild, and the RockPatch was in its peak at version 1.07b. Thus, the first incarnation of the mod was released. This was not much to look at. The then-named "Future Forces" thanks to the RockPatch could now be implemented as their own separate side, but they were little more than a shinier version of the Allies that used lasers. The campaign never got round to being properly developed, so the story explanation for their presence never came about.

Later, RockPatch went through a few evolutions, with its final version of 1.10 being used to create the second incarnation of the mod. With much more stable underlying code than its predecessor, and a slightly more developed fourth side, this mod was properly released to the community, and the campaign was partially developed (though never released outside of private beta). However, RockPatch came to an end soon after, and for personal reasons I didn't want to transfer over to the RockPatch clone that was NPatch, and so the mod drifted into quiet obscurity.

However, now Ares is ushering in a new generation of modding. Without the need for buggy EXE patches, and already showing much more customisation than RockPatch or NPatch could ever have achieved, I decided to kick some life into the mod and see if I could get a magic third incarnation and indeed the mod itself finished. A proper release, this time. No missing features, a working campaign, no missing game modes or buggy logic. And thus we come to the present day. Let's see how it goes.