Mod Storyline

Posted on OCTOBER 2nd, 2010 by Nighthawk

Following the conclusion of the Second War with the defeat of Yuri, it seemed like things could start to calm down. A few days had passed. Yuri had been imprisoned within a psychic dispellation chamber near Giza in Egypt. Diplomatic channels within the Allied and Soviet blocs were beginning to chisel the cliffnotes of a treaty of coexistence.

Then, the temporal distortions began. Reality itself began to ripple and twist and turn - every iota of Euclidean geometry being thrown right out the window. These continued for about an hour, increasing in intensity, with the population caught in a mix of both mass panic and wild amazement. The military were at a loss for what to do. Dr. Einstein's chrono technology was useless to counter these vortices. Suddenly, with a blinding flash, it was over as quick as it had started.

Something had changed.

No-one could quite put their finger on it, but something had changed. Like that feeling of déjà-vú that lingers at the back of your mind. However, to some chance observers beyond our present space and time, everything had changed.

The conditions were now perfect, all the pieces were falling into place.

Why worry about fixing the present, when you can rewrite the past?

The fight for the future is about to begin.