Yuri Legions

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Following his defeat in the Second War, Yuri decided that a more compartmentalised approach might help him gain the upper hand. As such, he decided to split his forces into five specialised legions, each tasked with handling operations in their own geographical area. Each legion has at least four special TechnoTypes, whether that's units or structures, you'll just have to see.

Antarctic Legion

The Antarctic Legion is the overall command legion of Yuri's forces. It specialises in psychic weaponry. Their Avlenie Tanks can deploy into a wave of psychic energy that, despite destroying the tank in the process, permanently mind controls anything in its radius. Their Avlenie Towers are much more effective than Psychic Towers at base defense, and can be further upgraded later. After reaching a certain technology level, the Engineer gets replaced by a Psi Engineer, which mind controls buildings from a distance.
Legion specific structures: Avlenie Tower.
Legion specific vehicle: Avlenie Tank.
Legion specific infantry: Psi Engineer.
Legion specific upgrade: Psionics.

Arctic Legion

The Arctic Legion, in order to blend into the bleak and open landscapes of the harsh northern climates, specialises in stealth. Their Skyryt Towers are cloaked base defenses that can quickly and quietly take out incomine enemies. Their Skyryt Clones are stealthed mind control operatives that can take control of enemy units without being uncovered. The Skyrytnost upgrade can be used to temporarily cloak one unit.
Legion specific structure: Skyryt Tower.
Legion specific infantry: Skyryt Clone.
Legion specific upgrade: Skyrytnost.

Atlantic Legion

The Atlantic Legion, in order to take down the well defended fortresses of the Allies and Soviets, specialises in assault units. Their Worm APCs can burrow underneath enemy defences to deploy infantry squads right into the heart of a bace. Their Assault Discs fill in where the Floating Discs cannot - by taking down base structures. Their Artillery units can pummel an enemy base from afar, and their Service Depot structure can get units back into the fight without the need to grind them for resources. This can be upgraded with a Repair Wave ability.
Legion specific structure: Service Depot.
Legion specific vehicles: Assault Disc, Worm APC, Artillery.
Legion specific upgrade: Repair Wave.

Indian Legion

In order to traverse the massive mountain ranges of the Himalayas and surrounding regions, the Indian Legion specialises in infantry units and genetic mutation. Their Glasovka Tanks can create chaos amid an enemy squad by creating a group of ravaging Mutants. Their Bio Plants can reduce the cost of producing infantry units, and their Assimilation upgrade can be used to disintegrate enemy infantry to provide resources. Their Dezok infantry can transform the strongest enemy units into neutral Mutants, and their Genopsi Towers can mutate enemy infantry that attempt to attack.
Legion specific structure: Bio Plant, Genopsi Tower.
Legion specific vehicle: Glasovka Tank.
Legion specific infantry: Dezok, Spawned Mutant.
Legion specific upgrade: Assimilation.

Pacific Legion

The Pacific Legion, faced with the task of attacking many small island groupings, have discovered a simple and effective way to clear them out - biological weaponry. Their Epidemia soldiers can wipe out whole enemy squads with an even more potent concoction of toxic gas than Viruses. Their Toxin Tanks can contaminate entire acres of ground with their spray guns, and their Bio Station structures can use the molecular power of vehicular units to power bases. Their Bio Towers can use an array of chemical creations to dissolve enemy units right there on the battlefield, and can be further upgraded later.
Legion specific structures: Bio Tower, Bio Station.
Legion specific vehicle: Toxin Tank.
Legion specific infantry: Epidemia.
Legion specific upgrade: Chemicals.