Soviet Vehicular Units

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This page only lists Soviet additions or replacements. For any changes to the existing units, you'll just have to play the mod.
NB. If a unit has a "Missing" cameo, it has not yet been fully created in the mod, therefore all details given are provisional.

Expansion Tower

The Expansion Tower is used to give commanders the ability to construct outpost bases without the need for structure crawling or MCVs. When deployed, the Expansion Tower will allow a small construction radius around itself.
Prerequisite: Service Depot.
Cost: $1500.
Deploys Into: Deployed Expansion Tower.
Base Asset: --No Art Yet--

Stealth Bomber

The North Korean Stealth Bomber is the Soviet answer to increasing Allied air control. The Stealth Bomber is radar invisible, and carries two droppable concussion charges designed to cause maximum damage over their area of effect. They equally affect both units and structures. When destroyed, there is a small chance the pilot may paradrop out.
Prerequisite: Air Pad.
Armament: 2 x Bomblets.
Cost: $1400.
Required Country: North Korea.
Base Asset: Westwood Studios.

Nuclear V3

The Nuclear V3 is the result of Libya's drive to create increasingly smaller tactical nuclear charges. With an atomically enhanced warhead, the Nuclear V3 may be slower to reach its destination, but it will cause a hell of a lot more damage if it can fire off its missile.
Prerequisites: War Factory, Radar Tower.
Armament: 1 x V3-A Missile.
Cost: $1200.
Required Country: Libya.
Base Asset: --No Art Yet--

Terror Cycle

The Terror Cycle was the result of Cuba's efforts to create an inexpensive vehicular version of the Terrorist infantry, and it worked. Armed solely with a dirt bike and half a pound of explosives, the Terror Cycle can easily punch a hole in any base defenses.
Prerequisites: War Factory, Air Force Command.
Armament: Detonator.
Cost: $1200.
Required Country: Cuba.
Base Asset: --No Art Yet--

Guerrilla Truck

The Soviet Flak Track doesn't blend in too well to the jungles of southeast Asia, and so the Vietnamese came up with their own infantry transport unit. The inventively named Guerrilla Truck sports a different livery depending on what the current theater of battle is, and is invisible to enemy radar devices. It is armed with a light machine gun for self defence.
Prerequisites: War Factory, Radar Tower.
Armament: LMG.
Cost: $1050.
Required Country: Vientam.
Base Asset: --No Art Yet--