Soviet Super Weapons

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This page lists all Soviet super weapons.
NB. If a super weapon has a "Missing" cameo, it has not yet been fully created in the mod, therefore all details given are provisional.

Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain has the ability to temporary grant invulnerability to certain units within a 3x3 radius, however will kill any infantry within that range. Note that certain splinter groups have got their hands on an old prototype version of the Iron Curtain, which can only shield one unit, and has no effect on structures. Be on the look out for these civilian structures.
Required Structure: Iron Curtain / Tech Shield Array.
Recharge Time: 7:00.

Nuclear Missile

The Nuclear Missile still remains the mainstay of Soviet super weapon powers. However, Yuri's Psychic Radar is capable of tracing our targeting packages, and granting a one second warning of the target location.
Required Structure: Nuclear Missile Silo.
Recharge Time: 10:00.

Force Shield

The Force Shield can help defend your base against an incoming super weapon strike, however locks down your base's power to do so. The Force Shield system has been upgraded with an automatic locator module now, and when activated will automatically fire itself at the most suitable location, reducing time wasted selecting a target area.
Required Structure: Tech Centre.
Recharge Time: 5:00.

Repair Wave

When the Service Depot is given the Repair Wave upgrade, you will be able to use this power. It will repair vehicular units within a 3x3 radius of the target area.
Required Structure: Service Depot, Repair Wave Upgrade.
Recharge Time: 3:00.

North Korean Paradrop

The North Korean Paradrop is a bonus power provided to any North Korean player, or anyone that captures a North Korean Air Pad. It paradrops in two Conscripts, two Flak Troopers, and a Crazy Ivan.
Required Structure: Air Pad.
Required Country: North Korea.
Recharge Time: 4:00.

MiG Airstrike

The Chinese do not rely on the crude and irradiating force of Nuclear Missiles to remove the enemy. Instead, they use their air support craft to drop napalm weaponry upon a target location. This super weapon will call in a pair of supersonic fighter craft to drop napalm bombs on the target..
Required Structure: Airstrike Uplink.
Required Country: China.
Recharge Time: 10:00.