Soviet Infantry Units

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This page only lists Soviet additions or replacements. For any changes to the existing units, you'll just have to play the mod.
NB. If a unit has a "Missing" cameo, it has not yet been fully created in the mod, therefore all details given are provisional.


The Guerrilla is a special infantry unit available to the Vietnamese. They are armed with AK-47s and a sling of incendiary grenades. They camouflage to suit the theatre of the map, and are invisible to the enemy on radar.
Prerequisites: Barracks, Tech Centre.
Cost: $1000.
Armament: AK-47, ID-322 Grenades.
Required Country: Vietnam.
Base Asset: --No Art Yet--


The Ukrainians stumbled upon plans for this unit in a Soviet archive not long after the Rivne disaster, and decided to revive the project. The Chitzkoi Attack Dog unit is capable of wiping out an infantry squad with ease, and can also get inside enemy vehicle units to destroy them from within, all while taking very little damage.
Prerequisites: Barracks, Tech Centre.
Cost: $1100.
Armament: Teeth.
Base Asset: --No Art Yet--


In the event that a North Korean Stealth Bomber gets shot down, the pilot may be able to hit his ejector seat and paradrop out of the bomber just in time. You can then control the Pilot as you would any unit. Pilots are only armed with their weak service pistols, but they're still a unit at the end of the day.
Prerequisites: Unbuildable / Aircraft Destruction.
Cost: N/A.
Armament: Makarov Pistol.
Base Asset: --No Art Yet--

Cyborg Variants

These are variants of some standard infantry units that are acquirable once the Ukrainian Cyborg Lab upgrade has been built. There is little outward physical difference between the originals and the upgraded variants, however all will have attained upgraded strength and speed, as well as an immunity to radiation and radiation weaponry.
Prerequisites: Original Prerequisites, Cyborg Lab.
Cost: Various.
Armament: Various.
Required Country: Ukraine.
Base Asset: Westwood Studios.