Soviet Countries

Last updated on OCTOBER 10th, 2010 by Nighthawk

This mod adds three new countries to the Soviets, as well as altering the attributes of the existing ones. The basic idea is that each Soviet country will have either two special structures and one special unit, or two special units and one special structure.


China, somewhat analogously to the Allies' United States, provides air support units to the Soviet army. As such, they do not have any new offensive units or structures, however they instead come with a new super weapon - a MiG Airstrike. This can be used to drop tactical napalm charges on selected areas.
Country specific structure: Airstrike Uplink


Cuba's speciality lies in causing as much explosive destruction as is possible. As such, you can guess what their special units are. As well as retaining the Terrorist, the Cubans can also construct a vehicular variant - the Terror Cycle. Additionally, they can lay stealthed Demo Traps throughout their base to take out any encroaching units.
Country specific structure: Demo Trap.
Country specific infantry: Terrorist.
Country specific vehicle: Terror Cycle.


Iraq's speciality is utilising the destructive power of radiation to decimate their opponents and fuel their forces. Their Nuclear Power Plants replace the Tesla Reactor, and provide more power than even the Allies can match with their equivalents. Their Rad Turrets can melt the tissues of any unit stupid enough to get caught in their path, and can be further upgraded with Refined Uranium to deal even more damage.
Country specific structures: Nuclear Power Plant, Rad Turret.
Country specific infantry: Desolator.
Country specific upgrade: Refined Uranium.


While Iraq's speciality lies in using radiation as a weapon, Libya prefers to use that radiation to fuel even greater weapons. The Libyans specialise in the use of nuclear weaponry. Instead of the standard Soviet Nuclear Reactor, the Libyan Advanced Nuclear Reactor can produce as much power as most commanders would ever need in one skirmish. The Nuclear V3 uses tactical nuclear warheads to bring swift destruction to anything they rain upon.
Country specific structure: Advanced Nuclear Reactor.
Country specific vehicles: Demo Truck, Nuclear V3.

North Korea

The North Koreans didn't get much chance to shine in the last war, however this time around things are different. The North Korean Air Force forms the core of Soviet air superiority. Their Stealth Bombers can equally damage both units and structures with ease. They can also call in a paradrop of five soldiers to aid their cause. Their Air Repair Unit upgrades can be used to get their planes back in the fight as soon as possible.
Country specific structure: North Korean Radar Tower, Air Pad.
Country specific vehicle: Stealth Bomber.
Country specific upgrade: Air Repair Unit.


Pushed back and politically castrated in the First War; made a mockery of on the battlefield by the Allies and from within by Yuri in the Second War; the Russians have had enough. They have poured roubles upon roubles into further expanding their Tesla capabilities, resulting in the more improved Molniya technology. Their Molniya Reactors can produce power equal to that of the Allied Power Plant, for less of a price. Their Molniya Coils no longer require Tesla Troopers to charge them up to deliver their full potential. Capacitors can further increase the usefulness of their Molniya Reactors, and Advanced Discharge Cells can make Molniya Coils practically indestructable.
Country specific structure: Molniya Reactor, Molniya Coil.
Country specific vehicle: Tesla Tank.
Country specific upgrade: Capacitor, Advanced Discharge Cell.


After the Rivne Power Plant disaster between the First and Second Wars flooded a large area of northwestern Ukraine with deadly radiation, the Ukrainian forces sought to decrease their dependence on biological units that could easily succumb to such invisible rays. As such, Ukraine specialises in cyborg technology. Reviving an old Soviet experiment, the Ukrainians managed to perfect the Chitzkoi Cybernetic Attack Dog. This little thing may sound trivial, but it can wipe out infantry platoons in a flash, and destroy vehicular units from within all while taking very little damage. The Ukrainians have also managed to reconstruct the old Cloning Vats technology as a stopgap measure to make up for the major losses to the radiation. Their Industrial Centre is a major improvement upon the Soviet Industrial Plant, while their Cyborg Lab pushes their cyborg research to the limit, replacing most Soviet infantry with cyborg variants that are immune to radiation and have various other improvements.
Country specific structure: Industrial Centre.
Country specific infantry: Chitzkoi, Cyborg Variances.
Country specific upgrade: Cyborg Lab.


Following a recent coup in south east Asia, Vietnam is the newest member to the Soviet power bloc. The harsh jungle environment and expansive rainforests have allowed the Vietnamese to perfect their camouflage and stealth abilities. Their Guerrilla soldiers will not be noticed by the enemy until it is too late. Their Guerrilla Trucks can be used to quickly and quietly transport these soldiers to where they need to go.
Country specific vehicle: Guerrilla Truck.
Country specific infantry: Guerrilla.