Allied Vehicular Units

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This page only lists Allied additions or replacements. For any changes to the existing units, you'll just have to play the mod.
NB. If a unit has a "Missing" cameo, it has not yet been fully created in the mod, therefore all details given are provisional.

Light Tank

The Allied Light Tank has long been a mainstay of the forces, despite a somewhat lengthly absence during the Second War. It is faster than the Medium Tank, though is armed with a weaker weapon.
Prerequisites: War Factory / Game Start
Armament: 75mm cannon.
Cost: $550.
Base Asset: Westwood Studios.

Construction Node

The Construction Node is used to give commanders the ability to construct outpost bases without the need for structure crawling or MCVs. When deployed, the Construction Node will allow a small construction radius around the node.
Prerequisite: Service Depot.
Cost: $1500.
Deploys Into: Deployed Construction Node.
Base Asset: Nighthawk.


The Intruder forms the anti-unit section of the Allied air forces. It is capable of unleashing three air to ground missiles upon enemy targets, and is more effective against units than structures. When destroyed, there is a small chance that the pilot may paradrop out.
Prerequisite: Air Force Command.
Armament: 3 x Air to Ground Missiles.
Cost: $1200.
Base Asset: ArgCmdr.


The Falcon Bomber, on the other hand, is used to take out enemy bases swiftly. Its area-spread concussion bombs aren't all that effective against units, but can deal devastating blows to an enemy base. Like the Intruder, when destroyed, there is a small chance the pilot may paradrop out.
Prerequisites: Air Force Command, Tech Centre.
Armament: 2 x Concussive Bombing Runs.
Cost: $1800.
Base Asset: WeeRaby2k.


The Howitzer is armed with a long-range artillery cannon designed to rain destruction upon enemy forces before they get too near to do any damage.
Prerequisites: War Factory, Air Force Command.
Armament: 120mm Long Range Artillery.
Cost: $1000.
Required Country: France.
Base Asset: Westwood Studios.


The Assembler may not be much to look at, but appearances can be deceptive. The Assembler has the ability to launch three Missile Drone aircraft that can take down enemy units and structures with ease.
Prerequisites: War Factory, Air Force Command.
Armament: 3 x Remote Missile Drones.
Cost: $1000.
Required Country: Italy.
Base Asset: Napalm.

Anti-Personnel Tank

The Anti-Personnel tank represents the biggest threat on the battlefield to an infantry unit outside of a super weapon strike. With two high-powered machine guns, the AP Tank is capable of reducing an entire batallion to shreds in seconds..
Prerequisites: War Factory, Air Force Command.
Armament: 2 x Vulcan-VM Cannon.
Cost: $1000.
Required Country: Poland.
Base Asset: --No Art Yet--