Allied Super Weapons

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This page lists all Allied super weapons.
NB. If a super weapon has a "Missing" cameo, it has not yet been fully created in the mod, therefore all details given are provisional.

Chrono Sphere

The Chrono Sphere is used to teleport groups of vehicles across the map. However, certain units now have an inherent immunity to the Chrono Sphere, and will be able to resist teleportation. To find out which units, you'll have to rely on trial and error. Additionally, certain splinter groups have got their hands on an early beta version of the Chrono Sphere, which operates slightly differently and can have some undesired effects when used. Be on the look out for these civilian structures.
Required Structure: Chrono Sphere / Tech Teleporter.
Recharge Time: 7:00.

Weather Storm

The Weather Storm is the super weapon granted by the Weather Controller. It causes a lightning storm to manifest over the target location. The storm technology has been refined slightly over the past few years, however there is now the added side effect that there will be a map-wide radar outage for everyone (firer included) during a storm due to electrostatic interference. Again, civilian splinter factions have stolen early weather controller plans, and have made them into a crude (and not as effective) weather control device.
Required Structure: Weather Controller / Tech Weather Station.
Recharge Time: 10:00.

Repair Wave

When the Service Depot is given the Repair Wave upgrade, you will be able to use this power. It will repair vehicular units within a 3x3 radius of the target area.
Required Structure: Service Depot, Repair Wave Upgrade.
Recharge Time: 3:00.

Force Shield

The Force Shield can help defend your base against an incoming super weapon strike, however locks down your base's power to do so. The Force Shield system has been upgraded with an automatic locator module now, and when activated will automatically fire itself at the most suitable location, reducing time wasted selecting a target area.
Required Structure: Tech Centre.
Recharge Time: 5:00.

USA Paradrop

The American Paradrop power is one of the country specific bonuses that USA players receive. It calls in a cargo plane to drop six Paratrooper units.
Required Structure: American Air Force Command.
Required Country: America.
Recharge Time: 4:00.

Carpet Bomb

The Americans do not rely on Weather Control technology to remove enemy installations. Instead, they use their air support craft to drop highly-explosive payloads from high altitude. This super weapon will rain down a random amount of carpet bombs upon the targeted area.
Required Structure: Airstrike Controller.
Required Country: America.
Recharge Time: 10:00.

Sniper Team

Once you purchase the Sniper Team upgrade (as Britain), you will gain access to this power. It will covertly drop in two Snipers and a Spotter unit.
Required Structure: Tech Centre, Sniper Team Upgrade.
Required Country: Britain.
Recharge Time: 6:00.
Art Asset by: Cranium