Allied Infantry Units

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This page only lists Allied additions or replacements. For any changes to the existing units, you'll just have to play the mod.

Hikari Trooper

The Hikari Trooper is armed with a mobile version of Japan's Hikari beam technology. It isn't as powerful as the version used on the stationary towers, but it can still pack a good punch.
Prerequisites: Barracks, Air Force Command.
Cost: $850.
Armament: Hikari Gun.
Required Country: Japan.
Base Asset: Dark Elf 2001.


Whenever an Allied aircraft is shot down, there is a chance this unit will paradrop out of it. Pilots aren't armed with much more than a service pistol, however, so whether they'll be useful to you is another story.
Prerequisites: Unbuildable / Aircraft Destruction.
Cost: N/A.
Armament: M9 Pistol.
Base Asset: ArgCmdr.


This unit isn't buildable in normal play. The Spotter is covertly dropped in with two Snipers whenever the British Sniper Team power is used. It is unarmed on its own, however it has a sight range farther than any other infantry unit, and is capable of detecting stealthed units anywhere within a ten cell radius..
Prerequisites: Unbuildable / Paradrop.
Cost: N/A.
Armament: None.
Required Country: Britain.
Base Asset: raminator


This unit isn't buildable in normal play. The Paratrooper is the unit brought in when an American player uses the USA-specific Paradrop super weapon (or an enemy has captured an American Air Force Command and uses it). The Paratrooper comes in two flavours. One type of Paratrooper is armed with a machine gun not unlike that of the GI. The other instead is armed with high-explosive grenades that (if well thrown) can take down structures and vehicles with ease. A mix of these two are dropped with each paradrop.
Prerequisites: Unbuildable / Paradrop.
Cost: N/A.
Armament: M25 Machine Gun / H-401 Grenades.
Required Country: America.
Base Asset: ZombieDragon, Denmon0728, and raminator.