Allied Countries

Last updated on OCTOBER 3rd, 2010 by Nighthawk

This mod adds three new countries to the Allies, as well as altering the attributes of the existing ones. The basic idea is that each Allied country will have a special structure and a special unit, one becoming available at Radar level, and the other at Tech Centre level. There will also usually be some sort of country-specific upgrade at Tech Centre level.


America's speciality is in providing aerial support units to the Allies. Unlike the other Allied countries, America has no special units - it instead has an Airstrike super weapon in place of the Weather Controller. It also keeps the paradrop super weapon from standard gameplay.
Country specific structures: American Air Force Command, Airstrike Controller.


The UK's speciality is in camouflage and taking their enemies by surprise. As such, they are equipped with a special unit and structure to assist with this. The Sniper is capable of picking off enemy batallions from a safe distance. Meanwhile, the Camo Outpost is capable of hiding infantry from the enemy's field of view, from which they can then strike. The Sniper Team upgrade allows you to covertly transport a specialist sniper squad to any point on the map.
Country specific structure: Camo Outpost.
Country specific infantry: Sniper.
Country specific upgrade: Sniper Team.


France specialises in attacking from afar, and so they have the Grand Cannon, which can take out enemy forces before they get anywhere near your base, and the Howitzer, which can bring this firepower to the enemy. The Grand Cannon can be further upgraded with area-effect Ion Shells to increase the devastation.
Country specific structure: Grand Cannon.
Country specific vehicle: Howitzer.
Country specific upgrade: Ion Shells.


Germany's speciality is in decimating enemy vehicular columns. Their Tank Destroyers are capable of providing that much needed anti-armour kick to Allied batallions, while their AT Cannons form an effective defensive line against enemy armour. The cannons can be further upgraded with autoloaders to increase their potency.
Country specific structure: AT Cannon.
Country specific vehicle: Tank Destroyer.
Country specific upgrade: Autoloader.


The Italians preferred to stay somewhat in the background during the first two wars, however they are not content to sit around and do nothing this time around. The Italian speciality is in drone technology - self powered autonomic units that can take out enemy forces without causing physical loss of life to the Allies. The Assembler is a mobile carrier for three of these drone craft, while Drone Platforms can launch up to six of these airborne buzzers to defend bases. The Drone Platforms can be further upgraded with scanners to increase their detection range.
Country specific structure: Drone Platform.
Country specific vehicle: Assembler.
Country specific upgrade: Scanner Upgrade.


The Japanese remained neutral during the First War, then proceeded to offer technical and scientific support to the Allies during the Second War once the threat of Yuri became apparent. The Japanese took Dr. Einstein's Prism technology, and began to create their own adaptation of it - Hikari technology. While they still use the standard Allied Prism Tanks for practical purposes, their other Hikari-armed technology can easily outshine that. Their Hikari Towers are much more powerful than a standard Prism Tower, and their beams can deflect to other targets, while Hikari Troopers can pack this technology into a small infantry-sized bundle. Shiroi Lenses can be used to amplify the power of the stationary towers' weapon.
Country specific structure: Hikari Tower.
Country specific vehicle: Hikari Trooper.
Country specific upgrade: Shiroi Lens.


After falling victim to Soviet atrocities during the First and Second Wars, the Polish have decided to improve their forces so as not to succumb to the same fate again. The Polish speciality is in destroying entire infantry platoons in one fell swoop. To this end, they employ Anti-Personnel tanks, which are armed with rapid fire machine guns specifically designed to stop an enemy brigade in its tracks. Their Vulcan Cannon structures pack two of these guns into a concrete casing and are used to give the same protection to a whole base. The cannons can be further upgraded with Vulcan II guns, dealing even more damage to the enemy.
Country specific structure: Vulcan Cannon.
Country specific vehicle: AP Tank.
Country specific upgrade: Vulcan II Upgrade.

South Korea

The South Koreans have always formed the backbone of Allied aerial assault forces. While America provides the support craft, it's the Koreans that are out there making the bombing runs. The Korean Black Eagle aircraft have several superior design aspects compared to the standard Allied Intruders, and their Air Dock structures enable repair and reload operations to take place quickly and without the expense of installing radar equipment. These docks can also be upgraded with an Air Repair Unit, which will increase the rate at which aircraft are repaired when docked.
Country specific structure: Air Dock.
Country specific vehicle: Black Eagle.
Country specific upgrade: Air Repair Unit.